Nasal Cosmetic Surgery

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Nasal Cosmetic Surgery

Some patients have underlying anatomic causes of repeated sinus infections.  Among these include septal deviation, enlarged turbinates, and maybe even scar in some cases.  When the septum which divides the two sides of the nose, is crooked, a septoplasty would be necessary to correct the problem.  Similarly if the turbinates which filter and humidify the air inside the nose were the cause of the recurrent problem, it too will need to be addressed.  Given that our surgeons are experts at combining sinus surgery with cosmetic nasal surgery, this allows our patient the choice to undergo both without multiple trips to the operating room. Our patients are given the choice of undergoing both the sinus surgery along with a nasal reshaping surgery called Rhinoplasty if that is desired.   Many patients find our center to be the utmost comprehensive where they can come out of surgery with improved breathing as well as enhanced cosmetic result.  Our surgeons will tailor each surgery to the patient’s desire to achieve both improved form and function.

Figure 6

Septal Deviation Can Impinge On Ostiomeatal Region And Lead to Blocked Sinus Drainage


Diagrams provided courtesy of American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery Foundation