Invisible Line Browlift

Invisible Line Browlift

The Invisible Line Browlift - Brow and Eyelift only at the Facial Institute

The Invisible Line Browlift is a revolutionary new procedure to rejuvenate the entire upper eye and brow area. Traditionally, a "one-size-fits-all" approach was used for eye ehancement. The droopy upper eyelid skin was removed to give a better upper eyelid fold. Although this was helpful for some patients, the vast majority of patients were underserved (or even made worse) by an upper eyelid surgery alone (called a blepharoplasty). The key is performing a simultaneous Browlift which corrects the defects that occur over time.

With aging, not only do the eyelids droop and sag, the brow head south also. To have a truly complete rejuvenation, the brow needs to be put back where it was many years ago, and only then should the upper eyelid skin be addressed. By understanding anatomy and the aging process, the right procedure can be done to rehabiliate your eyes. Traditional Browlift surgery involved an incision all the way across the forehead. In the past 10 years, the endoscopic Browlift was developed which involves small incisions in the forehead next to the hair line and elevating the entire forehead with tiny telescopes. With both of these procedures, a second incision was required to remove the upper eyelid skin. The Invisible Line Browliftaddresses both the brow and eyelid through one incision in the eyelid.

The Invisible Line Browlift uses the incision in the upper eyelid that would have to be done anyways. Through this one hidden incision, the surgeons at the Facial Institute can elevate your brow and remove any excess upper lid skin and fat. The secret is with a special biodegradable "hook" that holds the brow in an elevated position for a few months. When the hook dissolves, the brow stays in place. The downtime is no more than for a regular eyelid surgery, but the results are far superior.

So, if your eyes are looking tired, or your upper eyelid hits your eyelashes, it is time to see us. Since these eye area changes can occur from the late 20s to 70s, there is no "right" age to consider the Invisiline™. If you aren't sure what needs to be done, let us answer that for you. Come in for a consultation and receive your Facial Rejuvenation Master Plan!

The Invisiline™ is a revolutionary new procedure for the rejuvenation of the upper lid and brow. Even better results can be achieved if combined with other invasive or non-invasive procedures. Your personalized Facial Rejuvenation Master Plan will give you choices. You can then decide which is the right direction for you. Not quite ready for surgery? Ask the doctors about all the non-invasive techniques available for the eye, face, brow and neck. Because of their unique knowledge of the facial and neck anatomy, the surgeons at the Facial Institute can achieve BOTOX™ and other injectable results that are far superior.