Sinusitis affects more than 14% of the population.  In fact, more than 37 million Americans suffer from at least one episode each year.  The incidence has increased in the last decade.  It is considered the most common disease of the paranasal sinuses.  Appropriate and effective treatment of sinusitis is thus critical.  Understanding the pathophysiology and the anatomy of the sinuses allows our surgeons to better treat our patients.

At our center, our surgeons use state-of-the-art technologies including image guidance and minimally invasive techniques to meet each patient’s specific needs. Having an on-site computed tomography CT image system allows expedient diagnoses and treatment. Our surgical approaches result in improved quality of life and minimal recovery period. Our renowned specialists perform functional endoscopic sinus surgeries (FESS) and we are the only sinus surgeons using the BEST procedure on a regular basis with great patient satisfaction. Being Head and Neck Cancer Surgeons and Sinus experts, the team at Alpha Surgery uses their advanced techniques to remove a large variety of Skull Base Tumors. In addition, our surgeons are experts in the field of nasal cosmetic surgery. This allows for combined surgical treatment of sinus disease and nasal reshaping surgery at the same time if patient desires.

Visit the Nasal and Sinus Institute for more detailed information on advances in sinusitis treatment.

Our Mission

We want to be your sinus surgery experts

Through science, academics, and skill, we endeavor to provide the highest quality sinus surgery available.  We rigorously study all new techniques and rapidly incorporate or modify them into our practice to provide state-of-the-art surgical care to every patient.  If you have been told you need sinus surgery, come here to have it done expertly.

Our patients generally have quick recovery period due to our minimally-invasive techniques.  Also, we apply the same minimally-invasive techniques to a whole variety of sinus tumors and skull base tumors.



Allergies are a common cause of inflamed sinuses and headaches as well as runny or itchy nose, sneezing, itchy or watery eyes, blocked or itchy ears, rashes and wheezing. Allergies are in essence an overreaction by the body’s immune system to one or more objects in the environment, called allergens. Common allergens include dust, pollen, animal dander, mold and certain foods. Nasal endoscopy, blood tests or skin “scratch” tests are often all that is needed to determine the presence and cause of an allergy.